Nominations are now being accepted for the State University Member position on the Florida Association of Colleges & Employers’ Board of Directors. The term for this position will officially begin on July 1, 2018 and end on June 30, 2021. It is a three-year term with no term limit.



  • Reports and is responsible to the President and the Executive Board of Directors
  • Attends all Board of Directors’ meetings
  • Serves on a conference committee and assumes duties as requested by the President
  • Assists the Vice President in planning the annual conference
  • Provides needed training to new, incoming State University Member and other appropriate Board members within two months of new member’s service on the Board
  • Serves on the Membership Committee by assisting the Membership Director with recruitment planning and activities
  • Serves on the Professional Development Committee and assists the Professional Development Director with planning the professional development program for the annual conference and other professional development programs presented by FloridaACE
  • Updates all documents relevant to position to the FloridaACE archive
  • Upholds the policies and procedures of the Association at all times
  • Performs other duties as required


  • Must be a current member of FloridaACE, in good standing
  • Must be employed in a state university career services, internship/co-op, experiential learning, or related department in the state of Florida
  • Possess an interest in and a passion for serving and promoting the FloridaACE professional community

Additional Considerations:

  • Must have institutional support to attend board meetings (typically held in Orlando or at upcoming conference location), which includes time out of the office (meetings are a day long and held three times a year) and expenses related to travel; additionally, this position will occasionally require attention to FloridaACE responsibilities within the regular work day
  • Candidates may be self-nominated or nominated by a colleague


  • Contact the nominee and confirm their willingness to be nominated and to serve if elected
  • Submit nominee’s professional resume/CV and a letter of nomination to by Friday, April 20, 2018



March 21: Call for Nominations opens
April 20: Call for Nominations closes
April 23-27: Candidates vetted and approved by Board Nominating Committee
April 30-May 11: Election runs online for the State University Member position and Slate of Directors/Officers
May 14: Winner contacted for final verification of interest and institutional support
May 21: 2018-19 Executive Board announced via email
June 14: 2018-19 Executive Board introduced at Annual Business Meeting
July 1: Term officially begins

If you have any questions, please email