Florida Association of Colleges and Employers

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FloridaACE is the Florida Association of Colleges & Employers: FloridaACE was established in 1965 and members include representatives from higher education institutions within the state, including public and private colleges and universities; state and community colleges; technical school/college career centers and co-operative education personnel, as well as industry employers who recruit on Florida campuses.

What We Do: FloridaACE helps build Florida’s workforce by promoting innovative internships, cooperative education, and career opportunities through partnerships among career professionals in education, government, and industry. FloridaACE provides professional networking with Florida-wide visibility, enhances professional development through leadership opportunities, delivers updates on Florida workforce initiatives and trends, and promotes recruitment resources and strategies.  

Our Events: Our largest event is the annual conference held each year in June. In addition, we host an annual Drive-In conference, Virtual-Career Fairs, and regional meet-ups. 

Benefits for Career Services Professionals

FloridaACE is a professional development network with the goal of providing members the opportunity to share resources related to the employment and career development of college students. Career Services professionals receive a range of benefits, from networking through events to being recognized in association media.

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Benefits for Employers

Employers who join FloridaACE have the benefit of being connected to the largest state network of colleges and employers in the Southeast. Employers also receive exclusive VIP perks from our member schools, as well as the ability to broadcast job opportunities and events to over 400 members, while growing brand recognition throughout the state. 

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