Our 2024 FloridaACE Annual Conference Call for Proposals is NOW open!


As we embark on the journey to bridge our future, connecting today and building tomorrow, we are delighted to extend an invitation to submit proposals for the 2024 Annual Conference. FloridaACE is proud to offer its membership the ability to make their mark on our industry by sharing their best practices and innovative ideas through breakout presentations and roundtable sessions.

Concurrent Program Sessions:

  • 1-hour programs
  • Share your best practices and innovative ideas
  • Lecture-style format presented ideas, outcomes, etc. with facilitated discussions and Q&A based on presenter preference


  • 30-minute facilitated discussions where you are the moderator of your topic
  • Not a presentation; instead, this is a space to allow the exchange of ideas with table participants
  • Often serves as a space to explore topics at a higher-level

Let the purpose of the event drive your submission. For example, if you have launched a new and innovative method for your institution’s annual career fair, and would like to showcase this change, a breakout session would be more appropriate. However, if you would like to discuss the challenges faced in managing such a large event for the purpose of hosting a collaborative conversation, a roundtable would be more effective.

Here are some ideas:

  • New research on trends in recruiting or career services.
  • Evolving to technological changes and their impact on student success.
  • Supporting globalization and international opportunities for students going abroad.
  • Connecting students to experiential learning opportunities to support outcomes.
  • Managing and incorporating changing industry trends to prepare students for an evolving job market.
  • The role of effective employer engagement in student success.
  • Encouraging student report of high impact educational practices.
  • Finding balance in a higher education landscape requires more of its staff.

As the architects of student success, you have the unique opportunity to share your expertise and build the landscape of career services and college recruiting. Bring your insights, innovative strategies, and best practices to bridge futures, connecting today, and building tomorrow.



Have questions? Contact Amy Kavanaugh, Professional Development Director at [email protected]

Deadline for submissions is Friday, March 8th.

Contact the Professional development director for Questions