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Have you worked with an outstanding experiential education student at your company/school this past year? Nominate him or her for the Florida Association of Colleges & Employers Student of the Year Award!  

The award is presented to the nominating FloridaACE member or a representative of the member school on the student's behalf at the annual conference each June. Recipients receive an award trophy and a check for $300.

Up to three awards may be given each year; one from each of the following student categories:

  • Private College or University
  • State University
  • State College (2- or 4-year)

 Basis for Selection 

  • Emphasis for selection will be placed on projects, achievements, and goal attainment at their work site. Extracurricular and school involvement will also be considered. 

Nomination Procedure 

Nomination Deadline 

Friday, April 12, 2024

Past Student of the Year Award Recipients

2023 - Adam Tawfik, Polk State College; Belle Jones, University of South Florida; Asia Henry, Florida State University

2022 - Bear Hill, State College of Florida; Tara Sperberg, Florida International University; Telle Fugett, New College of Florida

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